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Property & Casualty

Loss Control Services

Minimizing losses for maximum cost savings.

We don’t just come out to your location and do a routine inspection; we’ll dive deep into the potential risks your organization is facing. We’ll look at trends and identify the root cause of repeat problems. We’ll even bring carrier representatives on a tour with us, because we know that four eyes are better at catching potential risks than just two. We’ll then consult with you to custom-craft a solution that will truly impact your ability to maximize workplace safety, minimize claims and achieve greater cost savings.

Additionally, we always encourage our clients to get us involved in reviewing any and all contracts before they’re signed. Our experts will go through your contracts with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that what you’re agreeing to matches the insurance you have – ultimately minimizing liability and setting you up for greater success.

When you partner with MMA for loss control services, we will:

  • Assess employee, liability, auto and property exposures
  • Assist with determining service needs for each line of coverage
  • Assist with establishing loss prevention goals and objectives
  • Evaluate feasibility of alternative risk management techniques (avoidance, control, retention and transfer)
  • Coordinate insurance carrier loss control service
  • Assist with carrier loss control service plan development and ensure carrier implementation
  • Assist with loss investigations
  • Be available for carrier on-site loss control surveys
  • Be available for on-site OSHA surveys and investigations
  • Complete loss analysis to identify loss trends for all lines of coverage
  • Design measurable audit and evaluation programs
  • Assist with development of written safety programs
  • Regularly communicate with management regarding service plan activities and status