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Maximize your bonding capacity with MMA.

Our bond professionals at MMA collectively hold over 150 years of experience in service bonding. And while no one can ever really “see it all” when it comes to bonding, with our wealth of experience, we come pretty close. Our in-house team has seen so many bonds, it empowers us to deliver better, faster servicing of all your surety needs.

Our team is ready to help you present your case for increased bonding capacity within the construction and commercial surety marketplaces. We’ll help you gather and assimilate the necessary information in a format that will effectively present your case to a surety company.

In order to do this, we need to spend time with you and gain a deep understanding of your organization, your operations and your business goals. We will gather your financial information and detailed job-cost information, ultimately putting it together in an analyzed format that will make it easy for a bond underwriter to understand your company and its financial position.

Because we represent virtually all of the major surety markets, we are then able to match your operation to a surety company that will best help you achieve your objectives.

We also provide:

Contract Review – Our experienced bond account managers are at your service to continually review your contracts and identify issues and onerous terms that should be addressed. Because of our involvement in your industry we can also provide you with ongoing competitive insights. And once you are set up with a surety company, we’ll handle your day-to-day needs for bid bonds and final bonds.

Ongoing Optimization – We review the periodic financial information you send us prior to submitting it to the surety so we can tweak it to ensure clarity. We meet with you and the bonding company to keep them informed of your progress and your needs. We are available to develop a plan with your CPA and help balance the need to reduce taxes versus the need to retain net worth and liquidity in the company for growth.